The journey to decolonization
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Decolonization is a never ending story
But where do you start, and how? This virtual toolkit is designed as a place for personal learning, unlearning and support. For anyone, in any space, formal, academic and personal. For a better UvA, and a better future.

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The benefits of different perspectives

Decolonization; what does it mean? Why does it matter? Decolonization is for everyone. But what can you do, and where do you start?

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3 [Re]Pack your bags

Moving beyond different perspectives

In the last decades, diversity and inclusion have become more important in academia. But why is decolonization within academic spaces so crucial? What steps do we need to take, and who needs to take them?

Moving beyond perspectives
4 Keep going


Concrete steps and questions for self- reflection are needed to help you start and continue decolonizing. But decolonization is a constant process. So how do you keep decolonizing? What concrete steps can you take, what directions do you need to go?

Doing decolonization
5 Rest and recharge

Seeking help
and support

Connecting paths in decolonization, or in general, isn’t easy. But there is help and support for yourself or someone else. In this chapter you will find different resources that can help you process and heal from this journey.

Rest and recharge